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Film Production

Production Reel:

A reel of recent projects. All content either shot, edited, or produced by me.

Late Bloomer Media produced films:

"Barefoot Runaway"

An unlikely pair of boys find themselves as roommates in a Psych Ward. When the two decide to flee together, they embark on a chaotic journey to freedom evading authority and the mental illness that plagues them.

Written and Directed by : Ethan Gabert-Doyon
Produced by : Jeremiah Lenoch (Late Bloomer Productions), Ethan Gabert-Doyon

"Hot Seat"

A moviegoer's decision to sit in someone else's reserved seat results in deadly consequences.

Written and Directed by : Vineet Raju
Produced by : Jeremiah Lenoch (Late Bloomer Productions), Estefania Martinez, and Vineet Raju

"Barefoot Runaway"

"Hot Seat"

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